Welcome to the world of aDDictator

Rebellious, free-spirited and flowing designs. Inspired by strong, independent women. 

Exclusively designed by Damla Karabacakoglu, created for free-spirited women to help them to bring out their feminime beauty and to feel powerful, sexy and ethereal at the same time. Absolute comfort and feeling of exclusiveness are combined. 

Damla’s mission is to design clothes, accessories and yoga mats to let urban women stay in touch with their softer spiritual side, staying true to their innate feminine instincts. Her personality is etched into every one of her collections: bold, flowing, and airy themes yet practical and stylish. 

The modern woman is multifaceted and lives on her own terms so versatility and function are practical considerations for them.  Putting on powerful outfits like aDDictator clothes, can make people feel different about themselves, can make them feel good, it gives them a power that’s subliminal. 

You could literally pick almost any one of aDDictator’s outfits at random when you are heading out for a night, and it works just as well for the day time.

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“As a managing director of a Gentlemen’s Club for 10 years I was working with lots of women and I know insecurities. Wearing the wrong thing can set you off, feeling uncomfortable. I always start every collection by thinking about how I want to feel in clothes. I always think about how to be comfortable, classy and sexy at the same time. Choosing the right dress for the day or night is an act of empowerment. Self-confidence is sexy!”

Damla Karabacakoglu